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Comfort, technology and design

Let yourself be inspired by the numerous ideas for an optimally designed kitchen.

Without handles, glossy, timelessly beautiful

Materials with aesthetic appeal

Matte surfaces and white lacquered solid oak, a combination full of contrasts yet harmonious

Clarity in every context: a key to good design

X-line. When less becomes more

A new anchor

The maritime colour mood animated with a fresh Nordic feel

An ambience to feel at ease in – providing convenience and space

The multifunction wall element reaches across to the open-plan living area

In a design that appears to float

Materials with aesthetic appeal

Everything made to measure, as desired

Maximum design orientation

Spacious: worktop units with sliding doors for optimum access

The rounded cabinet elements are perfect in every detail

cookingAgent: bundles the required accessories in the smallest space

cookingAgent: bundles the required accessories in the smallest space

Inner and outer values

Experiencing diversity

Ingenious ideas


Aestethics and functionality

Multifunctional: unique niche systems


Panel niche system with several new functional units

Elegant, beautifully shaped and practical

Working heights matched perfectly to the user


Show your individuality

Sheer elegance meets functionality

Useful functional elements

Outstandingly flush surfaces

Handleless beauty


Practically floating