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Carcase / Wall cabinet fittings

Carcase processing
The carcase comprises high quality, high density, three layer chipboard, faced on both sides with
permanent different coloured melamine resin foils to protect against the usual household stresses.

Carcase side
The carcase sides and structural shelves are 16 mm thick and permanently and sturdily bonded
using solid wood dowels.

Back panels
The back wall panels consist of highly- compressed MDF fibreboard and are lacquered on one side.

Carcase front edge
The carcase front edges have a 1.3 mm thick edge. All remaining carcase edges are banded with
melamine edging and are thus protected against moisture ingress.

Adjustable shelves
The 19 mm thick adjustable shelves matching the carcase interior in colour have a 1.3 mm thick
edge at the front and offer variable height adjustments.

The wooden-based panels used correspond to the Emmissions Class E1.