50 years: Diversity has a home

The pronorm company in Vlotho is presenting a fireworks display of ideas
at its anniversary exhibition.

The motto of this year’s in-house exhibition is “Diversity for life”, which is very much in the spirit of the times. Anything is possible: with over 250 front variants and cross-product plannability, pronorm offers an above-average range of possibilities. The pronorm collection includes fascinating new colours and structures, matt textures, authentic stone decor finishes and metallic highlights. Real wood and high-quality wood decors occupy a large space. For instance, pronorm combines the real wood front in smoked oak with vividly grained marble finishes. The quality of the materials is exceptional. Their natural beauty is particularly effective in full-length doors on tall units. Every year, pronorm demonstrates its culture of innovation at its in-house exhibition in its own exhibition centre. Apart from the product lines classicline, proline128 and X-line, other milestones in the portfolio are the very successful Y-line range and the premium brand i-luminate®, introduced in 2021, which has integrated patented handle strip lighting.

International design language

At pronorm, the kitchen also is increasingly setting the tone for the design of the neighbouring rooms as well. Stand-alone furniture is becoming more and more important. pronorm offers display cabinets in many facets. Steel shelving, inviting dining areas and design luminaires emphasise the homely ambience. The adjoining utility room gives a home to those items that don’t have one in a combined kitchen/living room. “We know that different regions have different expectations of a room’s design. This makes it even more important to us that we should offer planning that truly is unrestricted,” explains Roger Klinkenberg, Managing Director for Marketing and Sales. Strategically, the company aims at maximum compatibility. Over the past few decades, pronorm has established itself as a successful specialist retail brand and global player and today, in its anniversary year, sees itself in an excellent position. Roger Klinkenberg and Thorsten Gösling, who together have been leading pronorm since 2019, will continue to rely on exclusive cooperations with kitchen specialists in the future. Their success speaks for itself: the company’s sales figures are increasing steadily. Its course is set for the future. One example of this is the new hall for its highly automated stock system. The roof of the hall was fitted with powerful solar modules. “Digitalisation plus sustainability – these are the topics of our time,” says Thorsten Gösling, who is responsible for purchasing, technology and administration. The goal is to reduce its carbon footprint. From the end of 2022, the kitchen manufacturers will be completely climate-neutral in their production, and they are currently finalising the conversion to fully-automated carcase prefabrication.

Consistently thought through

This year again, the company is increasingly focusing on cross-media 360-degree communication. Because acting with foresight gives companies - not only pronorm, but the premium brand i-luminate as well – clear competitive advantages. That is as true today as it was 50 years ago. “We are pleased to present you with a special exhibition in our anniversary year. Now is the time to successfully plan the cooperation for the coming years,” adds Roger Klinkenberg. Thorsten Gösling adds: “Nothing can replace the personal meeting and talking together. Welcome to Vlotho!”