Everyone talks about sustainability and how good it is for our world. But what exactly it means for us, and our world is not firmly defined. We want to go into more detail about what sustainability exactly means to us at Pronorm. Three words are particularly close to our hearts: people, the environment and nature. Many people often forget about people, but we think that people are just as much a part of the world, let's improve the world together.

The certificates underline all our actions and our love for nature, but this is not the most important thing for us.


Through environmentally friendly production as part of a continuous improvement process, Pronorm aims to reduce resources and energy consumption, as well as noise pollution and waste generation. Our sustainability and quality are confirmed by numerous seals of approval. The high-quality standard of the products also includes compliance with the permissible formaldehyde limits for all materials and components. Through the appropriate selection of raw chipboard, the maximum values of emission class E05 are complied with or are far below.


We only use wood from sustainably managed forests in the production of our kitchens. We guarantee this with the PEFC (PEFC/04-31-2019) seal of quality. PEFC stands for a worldwide forest certification and is based on the very strict guidelines for the sustainable management of forests. In our opinion, this quote from PEFC hits the nail on the head: "Your decision to buy a product with the PEFC seal is thus a happiness for the forest"


The material we use should not only be of impeccable quality, but also protect the environment in the long term. For us, it is obvious that material and environment are in harmony. That is why we handle our resources sustainably and mainly use environmentally friendly raw materials.
All our front and carcass parts are PEFC certified, and we also manufacture our fronts and carcass parts exclusively with PUR gluing. Almost all our worktop decors and approx. 95 % of our front and carcass parts comply with CARB2 specifications. Our packaging material is free of chlorine and also fits precisely in order to avoid excess material. We mainly use cardboard instead of polystyrene for our packaging material. We also already have a wide range of 100% recycled fronts.


As a certified EMAS organisation, we are continually improving our environmental performance. The environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001 serves as proof of relevant regulations and as a benchmark for environmentally conscious performance. Waste is minimised to a large extent by optimising offcuts. Any residual slabs are reprocessed as heating material for our own buildings. It goes without saying that we separate and recycle waste across all departments. Our waste disposal management with EKO-Punkt ensures that we can collect and recycle our transport packaging and thus also return it to the material cycle.


In order to establish a long-term energy management system, we are gradually developing a concept for electricity as an energy source. The optimisation of our operational compressed air system, the installation of a photovoltaic system or the conversion to electric forklifts are just a few examples.
We as Pronorm have been working very actively on improving our energy balance for many years. What we have proven so far with the EMAS certification is additionally complemented with the certification according to DIN ISO 50001. Our compressed air supply in the company has been completely reviewed and, among other things, fundamentally improved with new compressor technology. Recently, we have started to deal with the issue of efficient heating for our production building. Here, too, energy can be saved and thus protect all our resources.


"Geprüfte Sicherheit" (Tested Safety) is a globally recognised German quality seal for regular product testing. This proves the reliability in quality and safety of our products, which is also a reason for the long-standing trust of our customers. We want to continue to build on this and improve continuously. After all, good quality and durability mean meeting the standards and its demands for sustainability at all levels.


When procuring our materials, we make sure that they do not have to travel long distances to us if possible, and we source them from regional suppliers. Our suppliers use reusable packaging, which means that they can be used for further transport once they have been returned. In this way, we also support our environment and make it a more attractive location.


People are also part of sustainability. We offer our own employees job bike leasing, so that they can either do without a car for their commute to work or enjoy nature in their free time. Sustainability also means shaping the future of tomorrow. Every year, we take on many apprentices and offer them a 1-year employment contract after their apprenticeship to make it easier for them to start their careers. We not only think about the young generation, but also about the future and further development of all employees and the company.

Sustainability affects us all, in many different areas, which makes its importance undeniable.


At pronorm, environmental protection is a focus alongside our high quality standards. We strive for environmentally friendly production and work continuously on improvements.

Our aim is to reduce the consumption of resources and energy and to minimise noise pollution and waste. We update our environmental performance annually and document it in an environmental statement. Learn more about our sustainable measures at pronorm!